About Transport Malta Nautical License Course

The Nautical License (Licenzja tal-Bahar) is issued by Transport Malta (TM) and required by owners of vessels powered by engines of 30hp or more.

The License will provide the boat owner with all the information and knowledge required to sit for the exam. The TM Nautical License course is one of the many nautical courses offered by Malta Sailing Academy, a Royal Yachting Association (RYA) affiliate based in Swatar.

MSA offers a rich schedule of course programs – from beginners' courses in sailing and navigational theory to advanced theoretical courses in navigational skills and techniques.

MSA is an established organization, which has prepared hundreds of locals and foreigners alike with its highly organized courses and professional tutors. It owns a fleet of yachts and boats used for its practical courses and also charters through its sister company Malta Yacht Charters (MYC).

See more about the TM nautical license in the FAQs page or the MSA course page.