MSA Courses

Nautical Licence/ Liċenzja tal-Baħar

This two-day course provides boat owners with all the required information to undergo the Transport Malta examination and be awarded a nautical license. St. John's Ambulance will deliver a First Aid Course to cover the essentials in First Aid. The second day will comprise a theory session held at Malta Sailing Academy’s premises in Swatar and a practical session held at the Manoel Island Marina. Once complete, Malta Sailing Academy handle your exam application and communicate with Transport Malta who will provide and examination date. The exam is normally held at the Nautical Institute in Kalkara (Villa Portelli).Find out more about the course schedule, dates and fees here.

Own Boat Tuition

Whether you’ve just purchased a new boat or are completely new to the sailing scene, Own Boat Tuition will allow you, as a boat owner to familiarize yourself with your vessel while strengthening your nautical knowledge. Our instructors will provide anything from a one day crash course to a full RYA course tailor made to suit your individual requirements within the setting of your own boat. Learn more about the own boat tuition here

VHF/DSC Course

Learn all there is to know about operating a VHF DSC radio. This one-day course will teach you how to use a fixed or hand-held VHF or VHF Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and which frequencies should be used in emergency and distress situations. MSA’s VHF DSC simulators will be used during the course,which will be examined by a short written test. Successful completion will award you with an MCA/RYA certificate.  Learn More

RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Theory   

This course is for those who already have some practical yachting experience but want to deepen and strengthen their theoretical knowledge on navigation and seamanship. The course in fact deals with basic seamanship competencies and extends towards navigational techniques (both traditional and technological) and meteorology.

The course includes tuition and a shorebased theory course pack. The completion of this course comes certified with a RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Theory Certificate. Find out more

RYA Day Skipper Course – Practical 

This course is for those who have sailing experience but would like to up their game and be skillfully in charge. The course affords the opportunity to strengthen your seamanship, navigation and piloting skills. The instructor will ask you to plan a short journey after which you will be put in charge and asked follow that plan as a skipper. Some previous experience is needed for this course. The combination of RYA Day Skipper Theory and Practical certificates will enable you to go sail beyond our territorial waters. See more here

Art of Boat Handling

If you own a boat or yacht but have not quite mastered the art of boat handling, this course is right for you. You will learn how to safely and efficiently berth a vessel in unfavorable situations. Following this course will equip you with the right skills and techniques to berth your boat with minimal hassle, effort or crew. See more here