Who can benefit from a TM Nautical License?

By law, owners of vessels powered by engines of 30hp or more must have a Nautical License. This licence is issued and regulated by Transport Malta (TM) authority. If you have a cruiser or yacht and would like to enjoy Maltese waters, this course will ead you to the qualifications you need.

Where can I apply for the course?

You may apply for the course by contacting Malta Sailing Academy or by visiting the school in Swatar.MSA will apply for your exam and process all the paperwork once the course is complete. Transport Malta will then provide you with an examination date. Exams are usually held at the Nautical Institute (Kalkara).

Do I need any previous experience?

No previous experience is required. This course caters for boat owners who are required to have a Nautical License to operate in Maltese waters however no previous knowledge is assumed. If, after this, you would like to further your knowledge you may follow one of the numerous practical or theory based courses we offer. Take a look at some of our course here.

What does the course include?

The course includes both practical and theoretical sessions. The practical sessions involve basic boat handling and drills while the theory covers the laws and regulations that govern boating and yachting in Maltese territorial waters, the use of safety equipment, fire prevention, basic navigation and engine maintenance

How long will it take and where do I attend?

The two day course is held over a weekend – Friday and Saturday. Friday begins with a First Aid course delivered by a St. John's Ambulance instructor at the Malta Sailing Academy classes. Saturday involves a theory based session held in MSA classes in Swatar and a practical session held on an 18-foot RIB (Manoel Island).

What are the fees?

Please contact us for more info

On what days/dates is the course going to be held on in 2014?

Please contact us for the latest schedule